Harlan Kilstein – Value Based Copywriting

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Harlan Kilstein - Value Based Copywriting

Harlan Kilstein – Value Based Copywriting

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Get Harlan Kilstein – Value Based Copywriting right now!

Make More Money As A Copywriter Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Legal Disclaimer: If you can’t use Value Based Copy to earn higher paychecks as a copywriter, check your pulse.

From: Harlan Kilstein,

Ever since I threw my hat into the copywriting ring, I moved up the salary scale faster than anyone in history.

I know you’ve probably heard the expression, but I cracked the code on how to get big money from copywriting gigs.

In fact, people following my suggestions have moved so quickly up the salary scale, that John Carlton in a recent post wondered how this was happening.

The answer is simple. Ever since I taught Value Based Copy, the secret has gotten out. And people who know it score big immediately. Did you read that word correctly – immediately. Not in six months, not in six weeks, Right away.

If you’ve been getting a measly 1-3 Grand for copy, I’ll show you how to leap into the 5-10 grand range almost overnight.

Once I taught this technique to Tina Lorenz and she went from the 500-1000 range to $8000 overnight. (She had to practice saying $8000 a few times. They Fed-exed her a check.)

And Tina isn’t the only one either.

Leah Carson learned these techniques and started pulling in fees as high as $28K a job.

Dr. Mike Marasco – who was just learning copy – pulled in a job for nearly – ready – $50K.

And there are many, many more success stories.

Get Harlan Kilstein – Value Based Copywriting right now!

But here’s the deal breaker – if this doesn’t get you to order – you’re just not serious about being a copywriter.

Superstar copywriter Brian Keith Voiles attended my seminar. After the first hour, he asked to speak. Here’s what he said…

“If I had known these techniques early in my career, I’d be a mult-multi-multi millionaire by now.”

And that was just the first hour……

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