Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong

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Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong
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Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong

Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong

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“How does a former Silicon Valley computer geek,
Who doesn’t have a car, and lives with 6 other guys, consistently Humiliate ‘Naturals’ and ‘Pickup Artists’
by pulling the Hottest girls in the room?

Hey man,

Understanding what makes women tick isn’t easy. Not by a long shot.

And sometimes it can seem like approaching a woman you find attractive is like the opening scene in Raider’s of the Lost Ark. Every step of the way you feel like the wrong move will set off some booby trap. You won’t physically get damaged, but . . .

Your ego can easily get smashed pancake flat

Now we both know that a woman won’t kill you, but for some guys getting rejected feels almost as bad. Why is that? What is it about a woman that a simple answer like “I’m not interested” can be such an ego stomping experience? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you.

It’s no news that men find women confusing. But what if I told you not only are women SIMPLE to understand, it’s actually easy to get them attracted to you when you know their hard wired ‘attraction triggers’, and how to
fire them off. The problem is up until now…

You’ve been programmed to be a wimp!

It’s no secret that even in modern society, human sexuality is a taboo subject. Even the relatively tame Playboy magazine is still kept behind the ‘Adults Only – No Browsing’ sign in the local book stores.

But what you probably don’t realize is that that religion, culture, and even our laws have been structured to prevent you from learning how to be attractive to women. In fact they don’t even want you to know that you CAN learn how to attract women.

And yet, women have attracting men down to a science. For them it’s a simple formula lose weight, wear tight jeans or mini skirt, learn to be good at sex. What man doesn’t want an attractive sexy women who is good in bed?

The result, there are a lot of hot women out there and only a handful of men who are able to attract them! These men are called a lot of things, mostly unflattering, but why should they care… they have all the women. They are the so called ‘Natural Ladies Men’.

Society does NOT want you learning to attract women

Think about your high school for a moment. I’ll bet there were no more than a handful of guys who really were good with women. In my high school there were five, maybe ten tops who could attract women with little or no effort.

That’s 10 guys out of hundreds who have access to all the women.

Make no mistake, these so called ‘naturals’ do NOT want you to figure out what it is they do, since it would mean less women for them. There is no way they are going to give you a key to the treasure any time soon.

Honestly, if you befriended one of them and asked him what he does, he couldn’t explain it anyway. These guys learn at an early age and they’ll say “I don’t know man, I just do it.”

The key point here that most guys miss is that even the so called ‘naturals weren’t born that way. They figured it out early and now it’s an unconscious behavior. For them meeting women is like walking or riding a bike is to you.

What’s does this mean for you? Something VERY important actually. It means that


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