Dr Lloyd Glauberman – Money, Wealth & Prosperity

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Dr Lloyd Glauberman – Money Wealth & Prosperity
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Dr Lloyd Glauberman – Money Wealth & Prosperity

Dr Lloyd Glauberman – Money Wealth & Prosperity

Price: $199

Unleash both sides of your brain!
Wealth is created first and foremost in our minds – through goals, beliefs, and a strong sense of self worth. It sounds simple, but many people never learn the basic tools of visualizing success, believing they deserve it and working towards this goal with the belief they will succeed.

Money, Wealth and Prosperity utilizes Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method to program your unconscious mind to make the positive lifestyle changes necessary for success. This method allows you to bypass self-sabotage, insecurity, and procrastination while providing you with more positive and appropriate attitudes about success.

You will find yourself able to stay motivated and disciplined while developing the basis for financial success… a more positive self-image.

Because your unconscious does the work, there are no journals to keep or specific tasks to do. Just sit back, put on the headphones and listen to the multiple storytelling format. The changes you experience will be spontaneous and fluid as you seamlessly integrate these new patterns into your life.

Whatever your goals for financial success are, this program will give you new thoughts, beliefs and feelings that will empower you to achieve your dreams.


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